who are we?

First off, it takes a whole team to keep this operation running and to come up with this stuff. This list is in no way comprehensive. From our team in the vineyards, to our crew in the winery, to the bottling line, to our artists and creatives bringing the finished product to you . . . it takes an army of passionate peeps. If someone else does a great job maybe we’ll add them here, if someone screws up big time maybe they’ll lose their place. Anyway, a big shout out to Team Fringe!


Lip man flex

Mr. Woke
Director of Winemaking and Viticulturalist
Family Man
Smarty Pants
Master of Distraction

Mr. Woke is more than a winemaker, he oversees not only all of our winemaking operations but also our vineyard operations. He has degrees in botany, viticulture (grape growing), enology (winemaking), geology, and maybe some other stuff too. We guess that makes him a maverick of sorts? Heavy is the head that wears the crown, it is a big job. He’s also our main source of distraction in the winery, but when it comes to Fringe that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In addition to being passionate about winemaking and viticulture Mr. Woke loves riding his mountain bike in the hills of El Dorado County, and spending time with his family.  

cheesin man pop art

Night Crusher
Winemaking Apprentice  

We met Night Crusher a few years ago and knew right away we needed his kind of laid-back cool on our team to balance our crazy and laugh awkwardly at our obscure jokes. But seriously though, Night Crusher is passionate about winemaking, and we need that kind of dedication on our team. He keeps coming to work every day and that says a lot because frankly sometimes it’s a *#&%show around here.